Thursday, January 24, 2008

Time for a Serious Ramble!

So it's been a few days since I posted anything and there is allot going on, so lets get to it!

First, my computer has not been working properly at work so I have been going in and spending the last 3 days doing nothing all day. It makes for a boring 9hr day, let me tell you!! I did a software upgrade that was pushed to me and needless to say, it wiped out the program. So now I have no SAP application at all on my work computer and I NEED THAT TO DO MY JOB! The tech guys have tried everything and still nothing. I'm screwed to say the least!

So most people know my husband will be losing his job by June of 2008. His plant is closing and their is nothing he can do about it. So we have just, begun the process of him looking for a job and this will be extremely trying on our relationship... to say the least.

Then I am at work the other day, and I see splashed across the plasma screen that Heath Ledger died. Now that was one celebrity who's death came as a shock. I still am not sure how to process his death. It just seems so random and unfortunate for the acting world. We were looking forward to his up coming performance as the Joker in the Dark Knight. And I loved his performance in Brokeback Mountain and many other films. What a tragic loss of a promising young talent. It made me feel bad for his 2yr old daughter. How sad to think she will grow up and never have really had the chance to know her father.

So it seems like this time of the year, everyone is always surprised when it gets cold. Don't get me wrong, I don't love it either but, if I had to choose between 100 and humid, I'll take a few days of below zero any day! I don't think Kodiak or Maggie feel like I do!

So that is it for now. C-YA

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Congrats...Amy and Tim!

So last night we went to a wedding for two people I work with, Amy and Tim. It was a very nice reception. Small compared to the ones I normally go to but, it was just perfect. The food was good and the drinks were even better! It was odd for me to be at a wedding and have more then half the people there be people I work with and see on a regular basis. I guess that is how it goes when you marry someone you work with. I wish them nothing but the best for a long an happy life together!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cloverfield and other random reviews!

So we went last night to see the new movie...Cloverfield. Be warned this movie is only 75 minutes long and was partnered with 15 minutes of previews. I should have known better once I heard that it was shot with one camera in the same way that the Blair Witch Project was. ( A movie I have never watched) The story was good and the monster was very realistic. If you get motion sickness, I'd suggest you not go to the big screen to see it!

Well, I did say I would get back to you about some of the movies we had seen recently. Here you go!

Micheal Clayton...LOVED IT! It was a great story and it kept you interested in the characters and what was going on in the movie. Of course, having George Clooney help make it easier on the eyes! I know this one is getting Oscar Buzz and it going to be re-released in the theaters again. I suggest you check it out if you have the chance on the big screen!

Sweeney Todd...LOVED IT! If you like Tim Burton movies, then you will love this one. Its dark and dreary and Johnny Depp sings!

Juno...LOVED IT! I know that allot of people think its not realistic but, I like to think that teenagers now a days are capable of being very adult about making choices in their life. And who hasn't ever been irresponsible about sex! Teenagers can be very wise about some things but, just not think about others. I think it goes back to the thinking, "it won't happen to me".

No Country For Old Men...It was OK. Maybe I don't get the Cohen brothers movies. I have never seen Fargo nor have I cared too. It was a good movie with a good story. Well worth the $3.00 a ticket we paid to see it!

OK, so that is where we will leave it for now with the movies reviews. I think I am forgetting some but, I'll check with Wayne when he gets home.

The weather here is bitter cold and he went out to get some warm socks and a ski mask since he is going to the Green Bay Packers/New york Giants game tomorrow night in Green Bay, WI. God Love him that he is such a dedicated football fan. Here is the weather forecast for tomorrow:
6pm (6:30pm CST kick off time)
4°F Feels Like-9°F
2°F Feels Like-10°F

I just hope that Wayne and Randy are dressed plenty warm!
Go Packers...I think!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jackass World

OK so I know that watching Jackass is a guy thing but I love those shows! So recently they launched a website called I found the site when I was looking around for a Jackass movie site. They were introducing it with the launch of Jackass 2.5. I didn't even know there was a Jackass 2.5! Of course I watched it and as far as Jackass stuff goes, it was pretty bad...and I LOVED IT!!
Anyhow, I digress. This site is like a My Space type of deal and seems to be for the Jackass fan. So of course, I signed up. Its great fun to know that you are part of something that is devoted to people who love something as much as you do. Of course if they start one for the Wild Boys...I'll sign up for that too!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

American Idol!

Man, this is to much. Sometimes I think that these bad auditions are better then the whole rest of the season. What is with this guy tonight who "came to rock out"! There was nothing "rock" about him except the "rocks" in his head! UGH Shoot me now!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Comments...and other junk!

So, I just got my first comment back from one of my friends who reads my blog. I guess I will have to be sure to USE SPELL CHECK! Of course, anyone who knows me, knows I am the worst speller! Also, I think I will have to work on better organizing my thoughts. These are going to be two big things I'll have to work on if anyone wants to be able to make any sense about what I am talking about. I never realized that I process things in my head the way they came out once I typed them. WOW! I never realized that I am always thinking that far ahead and in that random of a way. How does anyone ever understand what I am talking about?

Also this weekend, I finally broke down and joined My Space. I thought I might as well since I go on there a lot to read other peoples stuff and this way, I could set it so their new blog entries will come right to me. I am in no way going to use it to do a blog like this. It will be more for my lurking pleasure and to connect to new people and different networking. Someone I worked with told me I should set it to private so an employer couldn't see my personal stuff. Well, first off, I understand that anything I choose to put on the web is never private. Second, I know I'll be old school about things and never share everything. I think that if used right, this kind of media could be very enjoyable in a persons life. It is a great way to connect to the bigger world around you and see how people really think!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday with Maggie!

So my brother came over today and brought my niece Maggie with him. She is to darn cute! While she was running around and playing with her cousin Kodiak, I got the chance to order my new camera. I'm so excited to get it. Once I do I'll fill you in on all the details. So, now we are trying to get Maggie to go back to sleep. She was sound asleep on Kodiak's big pillow and then she moved off of it and wont settle back down. She is so sleepy and she wont just let it take her over. So they have decided to leave and hopefully she will fall back to sleep in the car ride home.

It was cute watching her run around with the dog. She plays a mean game of fetch! She also likes to stop and sing her ABC's with her fridge juke box. I love when they just come over like that and stay for a few hours. It gives me a chance to spend time with her and let her just run around and play. I know she won't be this small forever, so I have to enjoy it while I can!

So, last night we were watching A Mighty Heart. I guess it just wasn't my cup of tea. Now I am happy we did not see it at the show.

The Orphanage

So this afternoon, Wayne and I went to see The Orphanage. I don't even know where to begin. First, we got to see the trailer for the new Hellboy movie. If looks totally kick. I think that this summer is going to shape up to be a barn burner for us and movies. I can hardly wait!

Back to the movie today. It is in Spainish with subtitles. When we first started going to movies that are set up this way, I thought it would be distracting but, it is actually not at all. I find I am able to adjust quickly. This movies is by far worth going to see. It is so beautifully shot and the photography is awesome. This is a very moving picture and it sucks you in right away. I love movies like that. I never even noticed the time go by. Sometimes, time watching creeps into my movie experience. I can't say enough great things about this movie. It takes place in a large old home that was used as an orphanage years ago and a former resident and here family buy the place and move in. Thier son starts to make some new imaginary friends. And that is where I will stop! I can't give to many details because it will give away the story. I am going to include a link to the website. Check it out yourself!

I'll post more about some of the other movies we have seen recently. There have been alot of movies recently we have taken in and I'll try and get you up to date.

Well that's all for now. Going to go and watch a movie here.. A Mighty Heart.