Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Baby project update

So just a short note...We've been going through some testing and have found out some very good news. No baby yet but, the tests so far show we can continue to proceed. When we know more, I'll be sure to update again. At this point we are going to have to see another doctor. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Poll for the Ladies!

I am posting a poll to see which one is your favorite. It will be interesting to see what everyone thinks.... ENJOY!!

I am Ironman!

So you guessed it, we went and saw Ironman. We went on opening weekend but, I have just been slow in posting. OH MY! Robert Downey Jr is....WAY HOT!! Seeing how good he looked was way worth the price of the tickets! The movie itself was very entertaining and it gives me high hopes for the Hulk movie. There has been allot going on...

Went and saw Ministry on 5/8 which was the first of the last shows they are ever playing. All I can say was it was a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT! I felt so bad for Wayne since he is a huge fan. They played like none of his favorites...and not even psalm 69 which we sampled as the song we walked into at our wedding!

Also, got tickets for the New Kids on the Block concert. I'll be going with my sister in law Beth. It's funny how neither of us thought it would be a big deal but, turns out everyone is mad we didn't ask them to go. Also, I'm forsaking my 20 yr high school reunion to go see them....I CAN'T WAIT!! Donnie Walberg is so fine...It's funny I thought he was fine back then and still do! I think we are sitting like 23rd row so I will have a good shot as watching him do what he does best..thrusting on the stage live! YAHOOO!!