Friday, November 2, 2012

Get out and VOTE!

As I sit here today, yet again seeing ignorant people posting ignorant things on social media, I wonder just how some can back a candidate who doesn't line up with their core values. Now, I'm not naive in thinking any one person can provide for me everything I want or believe in. I know that all politicians are crooked and have other interests than my values and beliefs. I guess, what bothers me the most is how some tried to blame everything on who they have elected into office. What happened to personal accountability? When did the President become the ultimate ruler who decides all the bad or good things that happen in one’s life or one’s country? In the United States, we have a system that is designed to prevent this very thing from happening. The House of Representative along with the Senate has much more pull then any one President has over the direction our country takes. It's up to all of them to agree on the big changes that happen for the long term. Yes, the President can and does sometimes step on their toes to put something into place that is what is needed for the great good. The President can also veto something if it’s going to ultimately do harm. Yet, for the process to work correctly, all of the above three have to agree on the direction of the country as a whole. Now, maybe some never paid attention to the actual things we all had to learn to take the Constitution test which had to be passed two different times. Or maybe, they just never were bright enough to realize that, one day THIS would be important to know and understand because THEY would be the ones helping to decide the direction our country would take if they voted for elected officials. See, it all comes down to, what the collective decides are the best politicians WE elect into office. Yes, I do believe one vote matters. Hell, I believe EVERY VOTE MATTERS! So, regardless of whom you support or feel is best to provide guidance and shape our future... and your sons, daughters, nieces, nephews and grandchildren’s future, I urge you to VOTE! Vote to make this country a better place. A place you want to live, love and pursue happiness. Where EVERYONE is allowed these things. I don't want any government telling me what to do with my body. I don't want any country telling me, that as a Woman I deserve to make less than a man who does the same job. Or telling me that, MY VOICE doesn't count!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cultural Shift

I write about so many things... mostly about my search and what not. Today I think it's time to change it up!

I have been thinking about this a lot today. What brought it to mind is what I have been thinking about lately and then also being contacted by someone I played with a few times in the past.

He is a man who is very submissive who choose to start a relationship with a very vanilla woman in hope of getting her into BDSM. Now, I can understand the allure of this but, in the same respect, it can also be something that can very much back fire. Not sure why he contacted me the last couple of days. He claims that everything is great and she is starting to warm up to very small light things but, he is afraid to approach the things he loves. See, he is into areas that aren't for the faint of heart.

It brought me to thinking about some stuff... last time he contacted me, she was out of town. So, that tells me when she isn't around he is trolling on the internet for attention? Something to jerk off too? Maybe someone to come use him like he craves?

Ah, again it soo fits this topic....

When did the cultural shift happen that lieing,deceit, and cheating are all acceptable?

I guess I missed the memo on it. Maybe it happened while I was married. Maybe it is just what happens with all the instant gratification that is available now. Maybe, just maybe it has always been here and I never saw it.

What happened to the days that your lover was away and you just waited for them to come home?

What happened to actually getting to know someone before you are already looking seriously for someone else?

What happened to integrity and honesty and truth and loyalty?

Just, what happened to all those things that make some worthy of you giving your heart, soul, body and mind too?

To many people, think that time is on their side. They feel they have an endless amount to find that perfect person who is everything they want wrapped up in the package they want. The eternal 29yr old hottie with a banging bod who has the wisdom of someone twice their age. Sadly, this isn't a reality. Hell, it isn't even a realistic fantasy.

See, with experience come wisdom.. time gives one that ability if they are given the time to gain it. Some don't have the luxury of time. Some don't realize that time is a fleeting thing. Something that once it is gone, you can never get back.

One never knows when their time is up! I never understand waiting and wishing and hoping that tomorrow they will be ready... That tomorrow they will have the time... See, sometimes tomorrow never comes because today was your last day on this earth!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I blog here.. Not to often...

I blog somewhere else... at least 3 times a week!

Now, you may ask, Why do I blog somewhere else more often? It's because there I can be free to be ME! I don't have to worry about people seeing or reading things I choose not to share with the world. And, let's just be plain honest... There I have readers who comment and share things with me... Here, Not so much!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


In RT I have friends. I have what some may think is a huge circle of friends... In reality, that circle is much smaller then most would believe. Yes, I have a lot of people that I know. Some I have known for more years then I can count, others, not so long. One thing is for sure. The people who truly matter in my life, can always figure out a way to keep in touch and see me.

In the last yr or so, I went and am still going through so many changes in my life. Divorce, job loss, financial issues beyond belief... More crap then one person should really have to deal with. Death of dreams you can't even fathom... Its sad really that anyone needs to go through this.... That I had to go through this...

Now, I'm not whining, please don't get me wrong but, it showed me just who my real friends are. And hence why my circle has become sooo painfully small. Now, the people who are on the outside of the circle, are still technically "friends" but in my mind, they are more acquaintances now. I can't nor will I spend time and energy on people like that. People who shown me, that in my time of need, they couldn't really be there for me. Even in the most passive way, a phone call, text messages, or emails. Those people are the ones I truly feel sorry for. They are the ones who don't realize just the kind of friend I really was and just what they have passed up on. They have missed out on so much good times with me that far out weighed the few times I could have really used just their ear to listen. Just 15 minutes out of their day to LISTEN!

We all only have a short time on this earth to touch a persons life.... To make a positive difference! Some people just don't nor will they see the big picture that is LIFE! And that big picture is to be shared and enjoyed with others.. the good, the bad, the ugly...

I adore you....

Three words... Three simple words... Words that separately mean nothing but, when put together by the right person. Can speak VOLUMES to ones soul...

I saw those words yesterday. And I saw them for the first time in my life. I saw them from someone so young who surprised me he knew those words... surprised me he was so comfortable saying those words... And the best part, was he said them to me... *sigh*

I get that to many, those words wouldn't mean anything. After all they are just words. Now, imagine being.. almost 41 and realizing that in all of your life, no one had ever said those words to you. I'll admit it, I was shocked, surprised and expressed all that to him. His response, " I find it hard to believe that nobody has ever vocalized their infatuation for you like I have." I explained to him that many people think that showing emotion is a sign of weakness...

I can say, that his level of openness and honesty is so very refreshing. He has some wisdom and knowledge that is well beyond his 23 yrs. I don't know if it is just he still isn't all jaded from life that his heart is still pure. Whatever it is, it is just what I have needed, I craved, and have been missing for such a very long time....