Friday, November 2, 2012

Get out and VOTE!

As I sit here today, yet again seeing ignorant people posting ignorant things on social media, I wonder just how some can back a candidate who doesn't line up with their core values. Now, I'm not naive in thinking any one person can provide for me everything I want or believe in. I know that all politicians are crooked and have other interests than my values and beliefs. I guess, what bothers me the most is how some tried to blame everything on who they have elected into office. What happened to personal accountability? When did the President become the ultimate ruler who decides all the bad or good things that happen in one’s life or one’s country? In the United States, we have a system that is designed to prevent this very thing from happening. The House of Representative along with the Senate has much more pull then any one President has over the direction our country takes. It's up to all of them to agree on the big changes that happen for the long term. Yes, the President can and does sometimes step on their toes to put something into place that is what is needed for the great good. The President can also veto something if it’s going to ultimately do harm. Yet, for the process to work correctly, all of the above three have to agree on the direction of the country as a whole. Now, maybe some never paid attention to the actual things we all had to learn to take the Constitution test which had to be passed two different times. Or maybe, they just never were bright enough to realize that, one day THIS would be important to know and understand because THEY would be the ones helping to decide the direction our country would take if they voted for elected officials. See, it all comes down to, what the collective decides are the best politicians WE elect into office. Yes, I do believe one vote matters. Hell, I believe EVERY VOTE MATTERS! So, regardless of whom you support or feel is best to provide guidance and shape our future... and your sons, daughters, nieces, nephews and grandchildren’s future, I urge you to VOTE! Vote to make this country a better place. A place you want to live, love and pursue happiness. Where EVERYONE is allowed these things. I don't want any government telling me what to do with my body. I don't want any country telling me, that as a Woman I deserve to make less than a man who does the same job. Or telling me that, MY VOICE doesn't count!!

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