Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cultural Shift

I write about so many things... mostly about my search and what not. Today I think it's time to change it up!

I have been thinking about this a lot today. What brought it to mind is what I have been thinking about lately and then also being contacted by someone I played with a few times in the past.

He is a man who is very submissive who choose to start a relationship with a very vanilla woman in hope of getting her into BDSM. Now, I can understand the allure of this but, in the same respect, it can also be something that can very much back fire. Not sure why he contacted me the last couple of days. He claims that everything is great and she is starting to warm up to very small light things but, he is afraid to approach the things he loves. See, he is into areas that aren't for the faint of heart.

It brought me to thinking about some stuff... last time he contacted me, she was out of town. So, that tells me when she isn't around he is trolling on the internet for attention? Something to jerk off too? Maybe someone to come use him like he craves?

Ah, again it soo fits this topic....

When did the cultural shift happen that lieing,deceit, and cheating are all acceptable?

I guess I missed the memo on it. Maybe it happened while I was married. Maybe it is just what happens with all the instant gratification that is available now. Maybe, just maybe it has always been here and I never saw it.

What happened to the days that your lover was away and you just waited for them to come home?

What happened to actually getting to know someone before you are already looking seriously for someone else?

What happened to integrity and honesty and truth and loyalty?

Just, what happened to all those things that make some worthy of you giving your heart, soul, body and mind too?

To many people, think that time is on their side. They feel they have an endless amount to find that perfect person who is everything they want wrapped up in the package they want. The eternal 29yr old hottie with a banging bod who has the wisdom of someone twice their age. Sadly, this isn't a reality. Hell, it isn't even a realistic fantasy.

See, with experience come wisdom.. time gives one that ability if they are given the time to gain it. Some don't have the luxury of time. Some don't realize that time is a fleeting thing. Something that once it is gone, you can never get back.

One never knows when their time is up! I never understand waiting and wishing and hoping that tomorrow they will be ready... That tomorrow they will have the time... See, sometimes tomorrow never comes because today was your last day on this earth!

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