Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Never what I want...

I will never understand why men think it's ok to just disappear.... NEVER! Don't get me wrong, there are plenty I wish would disappear... but I'm talking about the ones who talk a game they are never prepared to play.

We all know the type, the ones who live in fantasy land and can't ever handle the reality of a woman being exactly what they say they are... the person who is accurately portrayed via email,IM,text and phone calls. Hell, even the same woman who sends you a current picture.. not one that is 20yrs old!

I wish those men, would just never waste my time.... or anyone's time! Those men, have no place in this earth but, in their mom's basement.... or hiding behind their married lives to a wife who doesn't understand them. They need to keep themselves in check.. The day is coming for them.. You know that day where they are going to meet that woman who really does them in.

Oh, I just hope I'm there to see that day!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An Open Letter

This is something that I have posted on a site I frequent.... If you are curious... let me know!

Now that I am looking at prospective men... I have realized that maybe MY profile just isn't clear enough about what I want.... I am going to use this forum... as a way to state it plainly....

When contacting ME, please send something through and complete. I do not want to have to drag answers out of you... It's beyond boring and time consuming for ME.

If you garner MY attention, be prepared to answer questions truthfully and with honest answers... I DON'T DO BULLSHIT!

I understand that you may tremble at the first touch of ME but, please I am not a monster... nothing to be scared of!

If you say you will do something... DO IT! I don't like being kept waiting or having to constantly find out what is going on...


If I meet you, and you decide you aren't interested... SAY SO!

I am not like most Woman, Domme, Mistress, Goddess... I will give you a voice... USE IT!

I am looking for a well rounded person... If you aren't one, please don't pretend to be so..

My time is valuable... since I don't have much to waste... DON'T WASTE IT!


Communication, COMmunication... COMMUNICATION!

Remember, that to be with ME, requires... you to be flexible... Look up the meaning if you don't know what it means!

Attention... I like... I expect it... No EXCEPTIONS!

Service... It's required...

If you have any questions about any of these... ASK ME! Really, it's OK to do that!

So, I hope I have made myself clear... Also, I love proper spelling.. Be warned, that I do answer a lot of email via my phone... Which makes it hard to do spell check. If you are doing the same... TELL ME!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Penis Stage

As you can see from the attached photo.... I will be seeing my boys.. NKTOB on this said Penis Stage for the summer 2011 tour.... Now, it is funny enough that it does totally look like a cock.. but to ME the funniest part is... It SCREAMS OF BDSM! Note, the head, tip, whatever of the said stage... It clearly shows some strategically placed needle play. Now, a friend I personally know and talk to, agree with me that one said member.. seems to SCREAM he is into BDSM! And from some of the tweets that happened the day the stage was unveiled, it was apparent that all the member's weren't aware of what it was going to look like. To me, the best part is... Most of the fans will have NO CLUE exactly what it is showing.. As my one friend and I have said... "They really aren't hiding the fact, they are fucking all of us!" LOL

I just hope that I can somehow get in early enough to get a picture of it from high up all put together...

Monday, November 8, 2010


Well, there are so many things going on that the only real release I get is when I blog about it! So here goes nothing in no particular order... and probably with no rhyme or reason....

NKOTB fan club now to join to get a chance at special stuff... Not gonna happen!

Concert going on sale in like 2 weeks.... I may have a sponsor if the tickets ain't an insane price.... If not, then I hold out and buy off the secondary market...

Spent some time with someone I had been talking to for a while last week... Yep! My heart wasn't in it.

I do have someone else that I should be meeting up with this week.. He is a gem, my pet, someone I want to make things work with... Again, time will tell on this one...

State of the other stuff in my life.. Yep, its shit and well, I'll deal with it anyway I can... just how life goes for me I guess...

Now, I have so many things to be happy and so many things to be sad over... I choose to just let the chips fall where they may. I am not planning for the future anymore... its one day at a time for me from here on out!

And a big shout out to my ex... Way to go with helping out like you promised.... FUCK YOU!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Death of my fangirl crush.....

So, today it was announced that my boys... NKOTB will be touring this summer with The Backstreet Boys (BSB )... I have one word for it... UGH! Now, I do not like most of the crazy soccer mom's who are uber fans of NKOTB like me... I can't stand to have to see the same ones at all the shows I go to but, I have learned to live and deal with it. Now, I am going to be forced to have to deal with a whole new level of CRAZY! Not sure I can or want too... Not sure that I am even up to thinking about next summer already... One thing I do know is... I will plan to see one show.. probably not the preparty or after party... but just the concert.

Maybe it's because I can get my Donnie fix every friday night watching Blue Bloods... Maybe it's because I have other things to look forward to occupying my time... Maybe, I've just out grown all this fan girl crap I've been doing the last 2yrs.. Nah, who am I kidding.. I'll never out grow my crush on Donnie or the pursuit to get as close to him as I can... If ya ever had one of his hugs... or those sweet kisses... You too would be HOOKED!